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Eco, boho, but everso sophisticated, a Tailormade Poem is the couture gift for thrifty times. A personalised greetings card for the one-who-has-everything. Or the space-poor. And most of all the very loved.

Written especially for you by one of two experienced poets, Tailormade Poems will put your feelings on the line. Literally.

An end to cheesy seasonal greetings, banal birthday wishes and mimsy mum’s days, a Tailormade Poem follows an ancient tradition. You outline what you want to say to your personal professional bard, and they’ll wax subtly lyrical.

And you can be sure that however brief the brief, you’ll receive a poem of charm and complexity. No doggerel, no dodgy rhymes, no schmaltz. Poet’s honour!

The promise holds good whatever the occasion. Be it the birth of a babe or a pony, the union of lovers or companies, or the death of anyone dear, we’ll give voice to your feelings.

In other words: whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient we can write a poem to fit the bill.*

* As long as you like the person… we don’t do insults!