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About Us

We are Sarah Hymas and Rebecca Irvine Bilkau.

We work as a team, providing editorial support to each other and offering round the year availability to you. We work best on rotation, but if you really have a preference as to which poet writes your poem, we’ll do our best to accomodate. .


Sarah published Host, with Waterloo Press in 2010. In it  are poems that celebrate love, friends, family, places and incidents that may not have seemed so great at the time.

She works as a freelance writer, as well as coach and editor, and has spent ten years running workshops everywhere from prisons, primary schools, day centres, adult education centres and in French villas. She enjoys how different we all are and seeks to celebrate that.

When she’s not working she’s gardening, sailing or eating. .


Rebecca’s first book A Girl’s Guide to The English Public Schoolboy was published before she was old enough to know better. When she came to her senses, she won a scholarship to the Poet’s House in Northern Ireland, where she was working for the peace movement. Later she was Manchester Cathedral’s International Poet of the Year 2004 and has been poet-in-residence for Initiative Magazine for several years. In 2006 her play ‘The Woodpiper’ was show-cased at the Kings Head Theatre, Islington, and in 2010 she was delighted to be one of the Flax poets in Lancaster.

She likes to think her work reflects her fascination with unacknowledged choices, and how habit is a barrier to communication. Sometimes even with oneself.


We began Tailormade Poems as a threesome, with Elizabeth Burns. Sadly, she died in August 2015. We will miss her careful words and calm presence deeply